my first wedding cake!

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Signposting again to the new blog…

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New blog post. In new location. Follow over.

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#215 new blog. new place. blogging brain freeze overcome (i hope!)…

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I need a clean slate. I want to blog but here feels a little too weird now. I can’t describe it more so than that. So for once, I’ll just leave it there.
Please follow me to a clean slate…
Much love BlogJect, you were my perfect practice.

#214 a rambled recap. before the new start.

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I haven’t even signed into WordPress this year until now; I deleted the app off my phone at the end of last year too; and apart from keeping up to date with two of my very favourite blogs I haven’t even read a blog this year… Looking back further, I think all of 2012 I was generally MIA from my blog, feeling weird about writing about new on old, and partly practical reasons of not having easy internet access. Admittedly though, the fundamentals were just not feeling such a NEED to write, or a desire to, as well as being very busy and very infrequently alone to write.

Also, I think in a previous time I enjoyed blogging and being in the blog world so much, that now I feel a little out of touch – wordpress looks different, different people aren’t blogging, and where I write a very personal blog… I now feel I have a tonne to catch up on – and know one says what you do, should, or shouldn’t write, but it’s just because. Because I want to share some how what a lovely past 12 months I have had!

So in recap, I’m going to do the terrible writer thing and simply bullet point – bullet point what has happened over the last 12 months, and hopefully even just getting this all down on web-paper will let me now move on from the hurdle I mentally feel I need to overcome! (I’ll attempt Chronological!)

  • A year ago almost to the day I found out my ex had been cheating on me prior to us splitting with someone from work.
  • A year ago almost to the day is the last time I ever spoke with my old friend / saw her (apart from one very fleeting drive past in December…) I have never called, text, wanted / attempted to get in touch with her since that last time.
  • February last year was tough. Near the end of February after a short but diffiuclt house search I signed for my new flat (my caravan I’ll call it – as it is like a pop up Ikea made caravan studio – clever design etc!) From signing to move I felt better, I was back into town, away from a house I’d moved to for 4 months that had gone disastrously, and moving into a place, on my own, that cost me a lot, but gave me the peaceful sanctuary alone I needed (I toyed with a spare room rent idea, but just wanted my own place!)
  • From the time all this started in February I had been in touch with my old friend’s – new girlfriends – ex girlfriend, Gemma – does that make sense? We talked a lot ranting about what t***s we’d been with, and she and I generally talked all the way through Feb and early March. It’s nice talking with someone who knows what’s gone on in a previous break up – not having to explain why you both feel ok, but that you do, and you move on…
  • This time last year I was not looking for love, I was adamant after such a long time with someone, a break would be good – single time!
  • March 11th last year, Gemma and I met up for the first time, a month to the day of finding out EVERYTHING, we met to cheers a month gone by and to meet up as friends after a month talking on the phone and supporting each other.
  • March 11th last year, near the end of a lovely evening, I didn’t mean to or plan to but I kissed Gemma (I really never sought the wife swap I’m now in!)
  • Since then, I have thought of no-one else, I have been completely and utterly loved up with no means of it slowing down! I can’t describe quite how it happened so fast and without meaning to, but I really don’t believe we could be a better fit…
  • March 31st last year I moved from the dreaded flood-ridden house of unhappy times, to my little caravan in the sky!
  • Gemma and I went to Brighton together last May and “labelled up”.
  • In July Gemma left her old job working for someone else in a cafe / sandwich shop to open her own little place on a train station up the road from her house (she’s had her own cafes before but hadn’t for a few years and it was the ideal time to go back to it – plus she’s too talented to work for someone else!)
  • In July we met all of each other’s family (mine at my brother’s wedding!)
  • We have spent many nights between two homes, most nights in fact…
  • I have put on about three and a half stone in being so happy and fat and living the good life!
  • I never knew love felt like this, or could feel like this. Gemma is perfection.
  • Last August I changed jobs; moving from engineering to recruitment. It was a good change and gave me the speed in work I craved. A complete change of pace!
  • In November last year, the night before my birthday Gemma asked me to move in with her. (we had talked about wanting to move in together, and due to a few things on the future horizon, moving in to her house had been in discussion – practicall pounds wise and in the area we knew / may be needed)…
  • December 7th last year I left my little caravan, I left Manchester city centre, to move in to Gemma’s house. It’s a beautiful house, I’m so lucky to be able to move to, and thankfully I don’t have lots of big furtiture so I squeezed in no problem!
  • Mid December an opportunity walked through the door at Gemma’s cafe!
  • Mid- late December, Gemma and I went to visit “SB” (“SB” is an older guy Gemma knows from years back, a self-employed business guy, who likes getting involved in new ventures”).
  • We met “SB” to discuss a cafe coming up for rent, as the previous tenants were being repossessed.
  • Christmas was perfect but fast… Gemma and I spent the day with my mum, and Boxing day with her family. On the 27th we flew to New York for a week’s holiday – our first big holiday together – perfect!
  • After Christmas I handed in my notice of my very relatively new job – a big shame, but sometimes opportunities come along sooner than you’d think¬† (like 10-15years sooner than I’d think!)
  • We got the keys to out new joint venture on 14th January. Gemma, I and “SB” are partners, with Gemma and I running the place between the new place and her place at the station, and “SB” is more the shopper / morning shift guy!
  • We opened our new cafe for business 24th January!

So what does this ramble mean… It’s been a mental year. Two house moves, a new job, and now being a newly self-employed part owner in a cafe with the most perfect girl I could ever have dreamed of meeting! (This sort of thing I only ever dreamed of before… and the self-employed maybe happening in years and years time…)

As you can see, I’d have loved to articulate it all better… but I really wouldn’t have known how… nothing in writing could do it justice.

I have never believed more, what is meant to be will be. I never would have known this year would unfold in this way. But now, I couldn’t be happier or more grateful it has.

True love, it finds us and makes us glow and be the best. I’m sure.

#213 where be the words that used to flow so easily?

October 17, 2012 § 4 Comments

Seriously; where?

I want to write.

I want to blog.

My words have dried, but I don’t know or understand why?

Is it the tiredness, the desire to just sit rather than articulate? Is it the unrelenting busy-ness that has been present in life recently (it’s got to be good when that’s the only whine in my life…) making me want to mush when I have got this first night to myself in weeks…

Or is this all consuming, loved up, beautiful life I’m now living making me say all I need out loud rather than in words?

I really think a new blog may help that weirdness I feel here; but would it?

Or should I step away and just think it was good when I did it?

But then look at me now rambling like she wants to be here…

No idea. Not one. Odd.

#212 Back in business

October 4, 2012 § 2 Comments

A number of factors are contributory to my MIA blogging over the last few months. Principally is not really feeling the “need” or the desire to air much into space… Also, having been rather none-stop-busy, without those hours just to myself, I guess the time and sacred alone space doesn’t lend itself to a private blog. And thirdly, no internet in my new flat (which is not so new now – I’ve been here over 6 months!!) hence only short phone based blogs since April…

As my new job, which I started mid-August doesn’t allow me to do all my personal admin / interneting needs in work anymore, I have finally bit the bullet and sorted a new internet use for myself – I’ve gone for one of these dongle thingey… I don’t want a fixed landline contract, partly as I’m not here all the time at all and secondly I’m not sure how long I’ll be in my flat (I’m very much in love with my flat – it’s the cleverest most tiny space ever – more on this again)…

Anyway, what I’m trying to ramble out now that I can type my ramblings rather than thumb around on a stupid phone, is that I am BACK IN BUSINESS! I’m aiming to get back to basics on my blog front, and get back to these little writings that I seemed to grow to cherish…

There’s lots I want to catch up on / read from others, and there’s lots I want to write and share from the last few months…

Where to start…

And… do I go new blog?


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